Some relevant off-site links while the site comes together:

Katy’s CaringBridge site

This site chronicled Katy’s journey through Dana Farber and her treatment. Mostly written by Steve, occasionally by Katy.

Earth and Aerial Yoga’s obituary

(Reminder that Katy’s official obituary is right here)

Katy studied and taught at Earth and Aerial Yoga in Hudson, MA. They did a nice obituary page of their own:

Tower Hill Botanic Garden

One of Katy’s favorite places, where we are planning to hold our remembrance celebration next spring:

Katy and Steve’s wedding video

May 7, 2022, in the Arnold Arboretum in Boston. A perfect day.

(One more thing)

I decided to curtail me (overly-) sharing my own grief on this site, which is about her, not me. I put my own stuff over here. Some of it is raw. Only go there if you want to see that, for some reason.